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#1 Rated QuickBooks Seller:

About us: According to Intuit surveys, we have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the country!  We take the time to help you choose the right product at the best price for your business.  This is a direct result of our focus to accounting software.  (There is never a tax season for us!)

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Intuit Awards:

  • Rookie of the Year – USA
  • Enterprise Top Sales – USA
  • Point of Sale Top Sales – USA
  • Top Performer FY2014 – Central USA

Company President:

Mr. Greg DeLand, CPA, CMA is the company’s President and is the founder of www.qsavings.biz.

Greg is very “hands-on” in the day to day business and will gladly take your call to learn your business needs.  Getting the right software at the lowest price is mission critical to our customers.

Software investments can be significant and span several years. So taking some time up-front pays off in the future.  “Greg is not intimidating, and explains things in a language that I understand” (Jennifer Judd). Read more testimonials.

He is Advanced Certified in QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Enterprise and Point of Sale.  He holds a degree in Accounting Information Systems from Eastern Michigan.  Mr. DeLand has strong construction background and even served as the GC for one of his homes.  Mr. DeLand has served as both a Cost Manager and Controller for a large international distribution company.  He has adapted techniques from large companies and applies them to small business.  Our manta is about serving you; not about us.

Robert Stewart, MBA – Custom Reports Specialist

Mr. Robert Stewart, MBA is a technology expert with over 17 years experience. Specifically, Bob writes custom applications that share data with QuickBooks, including custom reports.  His focus is in: QuickBooks SDK, Data Integration, Custom Programming, Custom Reports, Microsoft Access, and Excel.

Bob earned his BBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and his MBA from Wayne State Univeristy.

Principal’s Memberships:

  • Institute of Management Accountants – 23 Years Active
  • QuickBooks Proadvisor Program – 16 Years Active
  • National Association of Tax Practitioners – 11 Years Active
  • National Association of Homebuilders – 5 Years

More about us? 51 Intuit Certifications:

We have over 51 Certifications from Intuit!  See our profile at Intuit’s Website.  Click Here

CertificationYear Certified
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2000
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2001
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2002
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2003
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2004
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2005
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2006
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2007
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2008
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2009
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2010
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2011
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2012
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2013
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2014
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2015
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2016
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2017
QuickBooks Financial Desktop2023

CertificationYear Certified
QuickBooks Enterprise V72007
QuickBooks Enterprise V92009
QuickBooks Enterprise V112012
QuickBooks Enterprise 20152015
QuickBooks Enterprise 20172017
QuickBooks Enterprise 20232023

CertificationsYear Certified
QuickBooks Advanced - Desktop2007
QuickBooks Advanced - Desktop2011
QuickBooks Advanced - Desktop2013
QuickBooks Advanced - Desktop2016
QuickBooks Advanced - Desktop2023

CertificationYear Certified
QuickBooks Online2013
QuickBooks Online2015
QuickBooks Online - Advanced2015
QuickBooks Online2017
QuickBooks Online - Advanced2019
QuickBooks Online2019
QuickBooks Online - Advanced2020
QuickBooks Online2020
QuickBooks Online - Advanced2021
QuickBooks Online2021
QuickBooks Online - Advanced2022
QuickBooks Online2022
QuickBooks Online - Advanced2023
QuickBooks Online2023

CertificationYear Certified
QuickBooks Point of Sale V42006
QuickBooks Point of Sale V52007
QuickBooks Point of Sale V62007
QuickBooks Point of Sale V82009
QuickBooks Point of Sale V102012
QuickBooks Point of Sale V122015
QuickBooks Point of Sale V192023

CertificationYear Certified
QuickBooks Payroll2023

Our Intuit Team

Tony Martinez, Channel Account Manager at Intuit
Tony is our direct connection with makers of QuickBooks.  He has over 13+ years at Intuit and is our “go to” person at Intuit.  Having Tony in your corner, you can count on assistance when you need it most.  Call him and see for yourself.  He knows our business well!

Reach Tony anytime: Direct: 520-330-1111 or email:  Antonio_Martinez@intuit.com

Gina Avila, Team Leader – QuickBooks Solution Provider Program at Intuit
Gina Avila
, Team Leader at Intuit, is a hands on manager of the Solution Provider Program.  Before Gina was promoted Team Leader, she was the direct predecessor of Tony Martinez.  Intuit promotes from within and the continuity is a key to our on-going success.  With 26+ years at Intuit, Gina knows Intuit inside and out.

Reach her anytime: Direct: 520-901-6900 or email:  Gina_avila@intuit.com

George Madenian – Intuit Account Executive, Merchant Account Services Group.
George Madenian is a payments manager at Intuit.  If you accept credit cards or payments through QuickBooks software, George is your guy!  George helps with: 1) Credit/Debit Card Acceptance.  2) Gift Cards/Loyalty Cards.  3) Web Site Payments.  4) Mobile Phone Payments.  George is located in the Woodland Hills, California office of Intuit.

Email George: george_madenian@intuit.com

Michele Williams – Intuit Payroll Executive, Payroll Services Group.
Michele Williams is a manager in the Payroll group at Intuit.  Having worked with Michele for a number of years, he strives to match your goals with the most effective payroll solution for your business.  Michele is located in the Tuscon, AZ office

Michele’s success isn’t about us; rather, it’s about you, and the best payroll solution at a great price.

Email Michele: Michele_Williams@intuit.com