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Got Inventory?

Advanced Pricing is bundled with Advanced Inventory.  These are 2 great features that come at one low price with your Platinum Subscription.  They both work right inside of QuickBooks Enterprise.  If your business carries inventory, then you should look at these features.

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Advanced Pricing – Included with Platinum Plan 


The Advanced Pricing, included in your QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Subscription, lets you control, customize, and automate your pricing, right within QuickBooks. No more manual updates — now you can easily change your prices to keep your bottom line upwardly mobile.

Use pricing to your advantage.

Price rules can help you implement special promotions, cost-of-goods increases, or other changes, such as:

  • Quantity discounts (You set the quantity breaks!)
  • Manufacturer markdowns
  • Scheduled promotions with future start dates
  • Price changes by class (i.e. location)

Set sophisticated price rules.

You can create thousands of price rules based on any combination of factors, including customers, items, vendors, classes, custom fields, and more.

Manage price rules your way.

There’s a great deal of flexibility in how you enforce price rules. You can apply multiple price rules at once, and you can always override which rules apply at the time of a transaction. Other controls include:

  • Edit price rules
  • Mark rules as exclusive

See Advanced Pricing in Action

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