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QuickBooks 2023 New Features

QuickBooks 2023 New Features

QuickBooks 2023 New Features – The latest edition of 2023 was launched in September, 2022.  Here are the relevant features!

QuickBooks Enterprise 2023 Features

  • Inventory – Expiration Dates on Inventory (Platinum/Diamond)
  • Inventory – Inventory Categories (Platinum/Diamond)
  • Approvals – Bills and PO’s.  (Platinum/Diamond)
  • Intercompany Transactions – (Platinum/Diamond)

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)

  • Payments – QuickBooks Node Reader – Swipe Payments from your Smart Phone and link to QuickBooks.  Also, includes Apple, Google and Samsung Pay.  The hardware only works with an Intuit Payments account and the GoPayment must be installed on your smart phone. *
  • Payment Links – Request an electronic payment without having to create an invoice. *
  • Banking API – Improved integration between QuickBooks and  banking systems.
  • Mileage Tracking – Electronic tracking makes it easier to capture all of your mileage and share with QuickBooks.
  • Cash Flow Hub – Another great chart within QuickBooks to provide more information at a glance.

‘* Requires an Intuit Payment Account

Sales Tax Software

Does your business track Sales Tax?

Should it?  Do you sell in multiple states?  Don’t get caught off guard on this one because sales tax has become one hot topic.

Whether you’ve heard of the Supreme Court Case of South Dakota vs. Wayfair or not, it behooves you to spend some time on Sales Tax implications (unless you’re certain  you have no exposure).

In addition to your local state, remote states are becoming very aggressive in terms of sales tax.

QuickBooks is only as good as what you tell it to track…..but you need to tell it to track sales tax.

If you’ve done payroll in QuickBooks, you’ll notice that Intuit updates your database on a regular basis for the latest changes in payroll taxesWhat about Sales Tax?  Who does this and when? 

Enter AvaTax by Avalara.

AvaTax helps you to manage your Sales Taxes.  It integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise and provides real-time calculations as you record sales transactions.  The software also provides support for multiple states.

By combining the most robust solutions for accounting and sales tax, your business will spend less time on non-revenue generating activities and more time running your business.

AvaTax – $500 Rebate:

Special Avatax Pricing!  Now thru December 31, 2018, you can purchase AvaTax at $400* per year per state

AvaTax Extras:

  • Nearly Unlimited Transactions (10,000 per year!) – Up to $12,000 Value!
  • Free State Registrations – $280 Per State Value!
  • 12 Sales Tax Returns Per Year- Up to $700 Per State Value!

Offer Requirements:

  • Purchase Enterprise from us between September 24, 2018 and December 31, 2018.  Save 20% Now.
  • Purchase AvaTax by Avalara using this link.  Click Here.
  • Avalara will send you a $500 gift card as a rebate when you go live!
  • One rebate per QuickBooks Enterprise Subscription.
  • New Customers Only.  Prior purchases of AvaTax or QuickBooks Enterprise are not eligible.
  • Rebate subject to returns of either QuickBooks Enterprise or AvaTax.
  • Offer ends December 31, 2018.


Zebra MC40 Picking

QuickBooks Enterprise Electronic Picking Video

Say goodbye to printing paper pick lists.  With QuickBooks Enterprise, you can now use a Zebra MC40 mobile device for picking inventory and updating QuickBooks.

Introduction Video - Picking Inventory with Zebra MC40 (By Intuit Inc.)

This is a short introduction to Picking Inventory in QuickBooks with Zebra MC40 (or Android Device).

Summary Process:

  • Create Sales Order.
  • Assign a site location and a Picker’s name.
  • Warehouse staff updates Zebra MC40 (or Android Device) for picked inventory.
  • MC40 Updates QuickBooks Order Worksheet and Sales Order.
  • Pack and ship order.
  • Create invoice in QuickBooks based on picked quantity from Sales Order.

This requires the Platinum Edition of QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 and Zebra MC40 Mobile device (sold separately).

Need more information? Please contact us anytime!

Buy Now

Video prepared by Intuit Inc.

Video - 1 minute quick Introduction. Mobile Picking in QuickBooks 2018. New! (By Intuit Inc).

Try it for Free! Android Compatible.

Do you have an Android device?  If yes, just go to the Google Play Store.  Install the App: “QUICKBOOKS DESKTOP WAREHOUSE”, and Pair the Device.

  • Requires 4.4 Android OS or higher.
  • Wifi Connection
  • 2018 Enterprise Platinum (Call us if you need a free trial).

Note: Scanning will not work on your Android Smart Phone.  You will need our Zebra MC40 for scanning feature.

Additional Setup Resource: Click Here

iPad POS

Compare QuickBooks POS Desktop to Revel’s iPad system

If you compare QuickBooks POS Desktop software to Revel’s iPad, there are usually one or two deal-breakers that are identified right away.  While they are both POS systems, they deliver the features in different ways and some of those features are more useful to certain businesses than others.

Compare QuickBooks POS Windows “Desktop” vs. Revel POS iPad “Cloud”

Cost –

Hate subscriptions?  While Revel’s POS offers monthly subscription plans, the payment never goes away.  It’s very common for total cost over 3 to 4 years to exceed QuickBooks Desktop.  The on-boarding costs in Revel are difficult to avoid…even if you’re the ultimate do-it-yourself owner.

QuickBooks POS desktop software has traditionally offered one up front payment, but allowed you to run it multiple years.  Also, QuickBooks POS may have its own complexities, but many businesses have been able to get it up and running without incurring professional service fees.

Business Type

Revel’s iPad solution fits the requirements of Restaurants, Bars, and similar type businesses.

QuickBooks POS just is not suited for some business types.  However, it you’re a traditional merchandise retailer, you’ll find that QuickBooks POS will perform nicely for a lot of retailers.

Technology –

Revel’s POS is a cloud based system, meaning you can manage your company’s back-end data anywhere with an internet connection.  The iPad software is updated automatically for you (back-end and iPad front end).  So it really takes you out of the IT business in terms of software maintenance.

Are you Windows PC savvy?  QuickBooks POS desktop software is PC Windows based software.  If you have multiple users, you will need to use a Local Area Network.  This will increase your costs if you cannot set this LAN up yourself.  If you’re just a single-user operation, then a LAN won’t be needed anyhow.


Revel’s iPad offers mobile solutions, but they also cost more, both upfront and ongoing.  Also, here’s a misnomer.  Most people consider the iPad mobile inherently.  However, the “base unit” iPad is designed to be stationary (see photo above).  If you need true mobility, then you will need to purchase additional ‘mobile’ units (at least at the time of this writing).

Comparing QuickBooks POS desktop mobility to the iPad, you might hit the same issue.  Solutions exist, but you pay for mobility.  Once you purchase at least 1-user of the desktop software, you can add-on 3rd party mobile units.  However, most costs happen up front to buy the mobile units.

QuickBooks POS also offers “Multi-Store” features.  This option allows you to do Road Shows while leaving your brick and mortar store in place.  The Multi-Store feature brings an element of mobility using desktop software.

Credit Card Payments –

Revel can accept credit card payments while the system is offline.  This might pose a risk.  These data are batched and processed at a later time because the internet connect is lost.  If those charges are later denied (when the customer is gone), the business owner might be left holding an empty bag.

QuickBooks POS solution offers a backup in the event of internet outage.  If you lose your internet connection, you can still accept payments in real-time using a backup system with QuickBooks.  It’s called Go Payment and works through your smart phone.  Therefore, it’s very possible to continue making sales, but taking credit card payments on your smart phone until service is restored.  Not perfect, but at least you’ll know if the charges are approved in real-time while the customer and card are present.

Scalability –

Revel’s POS will grow with the largest businesses.  For this reason, it may not even play in the same space as QuickBooks POS.  It’s marketing toward larger companies that need robust scalability and can afford it.

QuickBooks POS will be limited to 20 total stores sharing data with each other.

Compare QuickBooks POS for Windows PC – Example Package

Legacy DIY Solution.  You install the software and maintain your own computer.

QuickBooks POS Bundle

QuickBooks Online

Here comes QuickBooks Online!

Is QuickBooks Desktop software dead?  Not right now, but the writing is on the wall: here comes QuickBooks Online.

Intuit’s recent announcement regarding  its QuickBooks software for the Mac sends a strong message.  Intuit recently announced there won’t be a 2018 version of QuickBooks for the Mac.   It has already skipped 2017, and now 2018 for the Mac.

Keep in mind, Intuit has regularly released new software in the Fall of each year like clockwork.

What does this mean for Mac users?  In the next few years, you should plan on moving to the Cloud (AKA: QuickBooks Online), or purchasing a Windows PC.  If you purchase a Windows PC, you can purchase the latest edition of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise.

What does this mean for Windows PC users?  You have a stay of execution.  You have to remember, there is a huge user base that still use QuickBooks Desktop.  Unofficial numbers estimate a user base to exceed 1 million desktop users.  These existing users may be the last to ‘adopt’ the cloud platform.  However, Intuit cannot afford to ignore them either.   So, the Windows PC Desktop software will continue to live-on for the time being.

The Future: “QuickBooks Online”.  The sales in QuickBooks Online has been growing like gangbusters.  While the QuickBooks Desktop software should exist in some form, Intuit’s signal is clear.  Its priority is to develop the features in the cloud based software: QuickBooks Online.

While it may take a few years for QuickBooks Online to “catch up” with the features in Desktop software, it’s only a matter of time at this point.

QuickBooks Enterprise Users?  These folks will be last to migrate.  Moving to the Cloud will primarily affect QuickBooks Pro and Premier users first.  Users of QuickBooks Enterprise will probably get many more years of service than the former.

QuickBooks Enterprise is the most developed and feature rich.  Therefore, getting those features to the cloud will require much more time.

Just like the Automobile brought freedom and mobility to the rural farmer, cloud-based applications will allow businesses the freedom and mobility to work anywhere.  Stay tuned.

Lowest price on payroll with QuickBooks

Process payroll for less than one dollar per day!  Included with QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum Plan!  No extra employee fees, and you can process up to 3 companies.

Buy QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum Subscription, and get Enhanced Payroll Included for one year (one low monthly price).  We usually have Lifetime Benefits available, controlling your out of pocket costs on QuickBooks Enterprise into the future.

Pay Employees inside of QuickBooks:  Do it yourself and save!

These features work right inside of QuickBooks Software.  It offers the following:

  • Instant paychecks
  • No additional monthly fee (with QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum Subscription)
  • Process up to 3 EIN’s (with QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum Subscription)
  • Free direct deposit
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Federal and State tax forms printed directly from QuickBooks
  • Click to file and pay taxes
  • Pay employees and contractors in QuickBooks
  • Reminders when taxes and forms are due
  • Free live support from payroll experts
  • Ability to print year-end W-2s, W-3s, and State Docs
  • Use built-in time sheets
  • Full Job Costing Available.

If you use QuickBooks desktop software and pay employees, you should give QuickBooks Enterprise a look.  Typically, customers using Pro or Premier, will pay $500 and more for fees to Intuit for paying employees.  However, with QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum Plans, payroll features are bundled in one low price.

If you need to job-cost labor costs, this solution is included,  When you pay employees, you can choose to allocate their full costs by jobs they are assigned.  This includes company taxes as well as an overhead burden if you choose.  To make this work, be sure to assign the particular customer, job, or project on the employees timesheet.

As always, Intuit reserves right to modify the terms, features, and pricing of its subscriptions.  However, if you need to pay employees, then QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum plan is a great offer!


QuickBooks Cloud Access by Qbox

Scale New Hts BahamasI recently attended the Scaling New Heights QuickBooks training conference.  For the first time, it was held off-shore in the Bahamas.  QuickBooks Cloud Access continues to be a leading discussion point.

With the many takeaways, one stands out. A lot of customers are asking about Cloud access for their systems.  Fishbowl Inventory lead the way without breaking the bank.  They developed a ‘Web Client” to access a local Fishbowl database anywhere.  The customer merely uses a standard Web Browser to access their server in the local office.  This is very economical versus traditional Hosting of QuickBooks Desktop software.  While this technology is available for QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop, it’s very far down on Intuit’s development list.

In the meantime, there’s a Hybrid solution for QuickBooks Software users. You can use a solution called Qbox to access your file from remote locations.  It’s not true Multi-user access, but for small firms with a limited budget, this might provide just enough access without committing to cloud hosting such as Right Networks.  This only costs about $100 per year, and can be used for backups too.  If you want to work from home at night or on vacation, this offers a very good alternative for anywhere anytime access.

QuickBooks Point of Sale – iPad is slated for a new release.

What’s the best part of this update? You don’t lift a finger!  The end-user doesn’t have to do anything.  When you log-in to your software, the update will automatically be installed.

Times have changed with Cloud Point of Sale.  You don’t have to remove users from the system; your staff keeps working as usual. Imagine no downtime with upgrades.  Don’t worry about crashing your server, or your Firewall compatibility.  Considering installation alone, look how far the iPad Cloud POS has come from a desktop software installed on your Local Area Network.

Planned new features:

Security – Force your staff automatically logout.  Maybe your cashier leaves the station to assist a customer.  The system can force a logout with inactivity.  It prevents others from gaining unauthorized access to the system.  These parameters are totally controlled and set by management.

Force your staff to change passwords after so many days. If someone did acquire a password without permission, at least their use of it will be limited.

Password difficulty – don’t make it easy for someone to hack in. Again, management can control the difficulty of password required.

Failed Login’s – Is someone trying to access your system without permission. Now you can see a report showing failed login attempts.  Take corrective action if necessary.

Deleted Transaction log – Immediately see deleted transaction log reports. For example, an unscrupulous worker might delete a sale and pocket the money.  Now, you can see a full report showing any deleted transaction.

Multi-Location Features –

Assign password setting to all locations – save administrative time.

Prevent one location from viewing customers at other locations. Maybe you don’t want cannibalization within your company.  Force your staff to acquire customers new to your organization.  Also, with a smaller list, your staff will be more efficient focusing on THEIR customers.

Discounting – Assign one customer to more than one discount group.

QuickBooks POS iPad Backup – Let’s say you terminate an unscrupulous employee. You forget to remove their access to the iPad.  The fired employee then deletes the iPad application from the App.  Your store is open for business, but you fear a data loss and interruption.  Solution: any sales transaction that has not been synced with your backend system is stored in iPad cache memory.  Simply reinstall the app and sync with the backend and you pick-up where you left off.

QuickBooks Point of Sale for the iPad continues to deliver leading edge features. There are too many to list here.  However, isn’t it a peace of mind to know that you don’t have to schedule downtime for installation?  If you have not looked at a Cloud Point of Sale powered by Revel, maybe the time is now.

QuickBooks Point of Sale App for Smart Phone.

Watch your sales while you’re away from the store.  Use a simple app for your smart phone.  Only for QuickBooks Point of Sale for the iPad.  You can see four daily reports:

  1. Product Mix
  2. Hourly Sales
  3. Labor Sales
  4. Sales Summary

You can filter these reports by Employee.  If you have multiple locations or multiple stores, you can see how each location is doing…also filtered by Employee.

How do you get this App?

If you already have QuickBooks Point of Sale for the iPad, just install this on your smart phone with a simple download from the App Store.



QuickBooks Point of Sale for Restaurants

Why do businesses love QuickBooks Point of Sale for Restaurants for iPad so much?   Let’s take a closer look.

Payroll – Pay your staff for the work they’re actually doing.  If a worker changes their role during a shift, they will get the appropriate pay.  Maybe someone has called in sick or there’s a staff shortage.  Somebody has to fill-in.

Staff schedule – Let the system control your resources.  If someone is not scheduled, the system won’t let them login.  Obviously, management can override this for emergencies and last minute changes; however, you don’t want stray workers showing up for overtime.

Communication – the system shows the current status of tables.  As soon as a worker logs in, they instantly see the utilization of the tables.  It’s graphical and it shows your actual dining floor layout.  Real-time!  Employee punches out, assign their tables to another staff.  Everyone stays on the same page.

Productivity – When you measure productivity, should you measure the number of people paid or the number of people served?  Because 4 tables with 4 guests will be more work that 4 tables with 1 guest each.

Customer PR – Impress your customers!  If you place order by seat, the POS tracks this for you.  You can deliver the dish directly to the seat/guest that ordered it without asking.  Do you ever get asked to split the bill?  The data is there and QuickBooks Point of Sale for iPad makes it easy to provide multiple bills.

Courses – By guest, the system is tracking the courses so everyone’s food is delivered together.  If guests change their orders, you can update it before it’s submitted to the kitchen.

Duplicate orders – ever hear “I’ll have what they’re having”?  Not only is this shortcut nice, but if you have complicated drinks, your bartender knows exactly what it is.

Summary – most owners don’t run a Restaurant to be in the IT business.  QuickBooks Point of Sale for the iPad gets owners out of IT and in the kitchen.  No Local Area Networks to maintain.  Your data is backed up automatically.  Never install software again.

Also, assistance running your Point of Sale for Restaurants is only a phone call away.  All included with your subscription.

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