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Need to integrate QuickBooks Point of Sale with your Webstore?  You can take orders from your Webstore and pass it through to QuickBooks POS.  This technology has existed for years.  Over the last few years, Intuit partnered with Webgility to offer this service at a discounted price for its customers.  Webgility is still offering it’s interface as a solution just as its done for years now.  While you won’t have Intuit’s discount for Webgility, you can still purchase it into the future.

Webgility is just another example of a solution that will exist into the future.  There are certified Proadvisors for support, and credit card processing.

Learn more at Webgility.  Click here

Support for QuickBooks

Need Support for QuickBooks Point of Sale?  While Intuit won’t support the software after October 3, 2023, it will continue to be supported by QuickBooks Proadvisors into the future.  It’s available on a fee for service basis, and based in the USA!

There are thousands of advisors across the country that have been certified by Intuit to assist with QuickBooks.  Intuit typically outsourced their support overseas.  It’s quite an advantage to have stateside support.  You will need to pay for the support, but it’s probably much less than investing in a new Point of Sale software.

Multi-Store Point of Sale

Are you running Multi-Store Point of Sale? 

Good news: the Store Exchange process will continue to work after October 3, 2023!

In fact, you don’t need Intuit’s servers to share data with other stores.  Intuit’s servers are a very popular method; however, it’s just one allowed option out of many already built in QuickBooks.  Therefore, yes  you can share data with other stores.

Here are the methods allows:

  1. USB Drive
  2. Email
  3. Network File Transfer (think Dropbox storage, etc)

We can help you configure any of the methods above.  Just call!

Multi-Store Graph V18

QuickBooks Financial Exchange

QuickBooks Financial Exchange – For years now, Point of Sale has integrated with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise (all Windows Desktop applications).

Good news: If you have QuickBooks 2023, you can connect Point of Sale to it as normal.  The integration will continue to work past October 3, 2023.   Intuit won’t sunset the 2023 software until 2026 if history is any guide.   You also have the option to connect QuickBooks POS to QuickBooks Online.  Therefore, integration with financial software is not a problem either.

QuickBooks Online

– You can also integrate QuickBooks Point of Sale with QuickBooks Online!  An additional fee applies for the interface, but it’s just another way to use Point of Sale into the future.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop Sunset

Intuit typically sunsets its desktop software every 3-years.  This means that QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2023  won’t be sunsetted until May, 2026.  At the time of this post, the 2024 desktop Financial software has not been released.  Very possible QuickBooks Point of Sale V19 would work with the newest 2024, but the remains to be tested.

Accept Credit Cards

Accept Credit Cards (after October 3, 2023)?  You don’t need Intuit Merchant Service to process credit cards in QuickBooks Point of Sale.  You just need to replace Intuit’s MID, and we can help.  Your new MID will allow you to continue accepting credit cards like you always have.  In fact, most of our customers are seeing lower fees with the new MID.

This is not limited to Credit Cards.  You can also process the following:

  1. Gift Cards
  2. Debit Cards
  3. Apple Pay
  4. NFC




Intuit Payments

iPad POS

Compare QuickBooks POS Desktop to Revel’s iPad system

If you compare QuickBooks POS Desktop software to Revel’s iPad, there are usually one or two deal-breakers that are identified right away.  While they are both POS systems, they deliver the features in different ways and some of those features are more useful to certain businesses than others.

Compare QuickBooks POS Windows “Desktop” vs. Revel POS iPad “Cloud”

Cost –

Hate subscriptions?  While Revel’s POS offers monthly subscription plans, the payment never goes away.  It’s very common for total cost over 3 to 4 years to exceed QuickBooks Desktop.  The on-boarding costs in Revel are difficult to avoid…even if you’re the ultimate do-it-yourself owner.

QuickBooks POS desktop software has traditionally offered one up front payment, but allowed you to run it multiple years.  Also, QuickBooks POS may have its own complexities, but many businesses have been able to get it up and running without incurring professional service fees.

Business Type

Revel’s iPad solution fits the requirements of Restaurants, Bars, and similar type businesses.

QuickBooks POS just is not suited for some business types.  However, it you’re a traditional merchandise retailer, you’ll find that QuickBooks POS will perform nicely for a lot of retailers.

Technology –

Revel’s POS is a cloud based system, meaning you can manage your company’s back-end data anywhere with an internet connection.  The iPad software is updated automatically for you (back-end and iPad front end).  So it really takes you out of the IT business in terms of software maintenance.

Are you Windows PC savvy?  QuickBooks POS desktop software is PC Windows based software.  If you have multiple users, you will need to use a Local Area Network.  This will increase your costs if you cannot set this LAN up yourself.  If you’re just a single-user operation, then a LAN won’t be needed anyhow.


Revel’s iPad offers mobile solutions, but they also cost more, both upfront and ongoing.  Also, here’s a misnomer.  Most people consider the iPad mobile inherently.  However, the “base unit” iPad is designed to be stationary (see photo above).  If you need true mobility, then you will need to purchase additional ‘mobile’ units (at least at the time of this writing).

Comparing QuickBooks POS desktop mobility to the iPad, you might hit the same issue.  Solutions exist, but you pay for mobility.  Once you purchase at least 1-user of the desktop software, you can add-on 3rd party mobile units.  However, most costs happen up front to buy the mobile units.

QuickBooks POS also offers “Multi-Store” features.  This option allows you to do Road Shows while leaving your brick and mortar store in place.  The Multi-Store feature brings an element of mobility using desktop software.

Credit Card Payments –

Revel can accept credit card payments while the system is offline.  This might pose a risk.  These data are batched and processed at a later time because the internet connect is lost.  If those charges are later denied (when the customer is gone), the business owner might be left holding an empty bag.

QuickBooks POS solution offers a backup in the event of internet outage.  If you lose your internet connection, you can still accept payments in real-time using a backup system with QuickBooks.  It’s called Go Payment and works through your smart phone.  Therefore, it’s very possible to continue making sales, but taking credit card payments on your smart phone until service is restored.  Not perfect, but at least you’ll know if the charges are approved in real-time while the customer and card are present.

Scalability –

Revel’s POS will grow with the largest businesses.  For this reason, it may not even play in the same space as QuickBooks POS.  It’s marketing toward larger companies that need robust scalability and can afford it.

QuickBooks POS will be limited to 20 total stores sharing data with each other.

Compare QuickBooks POS for Windows PC – Example Package

Legacy DIY Solution.  You install the software and maintain your own computer.

QuickBooks POS Bundle

Point of Sale as a Loss Prevention Tool

Can a Point of Sale system really stop theft or reduce your losses?  Yes!  Consider just 3 elements:

  1. Merchandise Pictures
  2. Separation of Duties/ Permission Security
  3. Login Control

Pictures – does the picture on screen match the merchandise on your counter?  If not, it is possible someone switched the tag.

Login Controls – Track and identify a user’s transactions in the system.  Force a cashier to login after each sale.  It’s much harder to cover up deception if a transaction is date stamped with a user-id.  If your transactions don’t make sense chronologically, then something is wrong.

Did the cashier start on time?  Only pay for hours worked.

Permission Security – Don’t let the fox guard the hen house!  Make sure your system offers a separation of duties, and offers managerial overrides.  Avoid conflicts of interest with good permissions.  If a manager makes a lot of overrides, they might discover either a training, or employee issue.  Another very worthy cost reduction.

System Cost – Ignore all the other benefits of a POS system (marketing, productivity, etc).   What’s your Return on Investment if you avoid $5,000 a year in losses?  The mere presence of a Point of Sale system lets customers, employees, and vendors know you’re watching.  After all, isn’t speeding abated with the mere presence of a police car?  Keep them honest and let them know you’re watching.

Both QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop for windows, and Point of Sale for iPad (Powered by Revel) offer these features.  Neither system will break the bank, but they will bring an element of control to your business.  After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

iPad Point of Sale Remote Access

Do you need remote access (from home or various locations) for QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop?  If so, this is an uphill battle.  QuickBooks POS is designed for local installations on the Windows PC (Laptops, Desktops, and Servers).  While others have tried Remote Desktop solutions or VPN’s, it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when” something will fail.  Usually during a peak busy moment. 

iPads to the rescue!  If you really need QuickBooks POS hosted, you should take a look at the QuickBooks Point of Sale for iPad.  It’s native to the cloud.  Best of all, there’s no backend server to maintain.  This takes you out of the IT business altogether.