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Need QuickBooks help?  Or a QuickBooks File Repair?  We offer friendly service in Michigan, USA.  Let’s talk! 

We offer many types of QuickBooks File Repair.  One common complaint is slowness.  Why is QuickBooks Slow at times?  There are many factors to slowness.  Data Corruption is one of them.  Negative Inventory is just another form of corruption.  Not only can we help repair it, but Negative Inventory is very preventable too.  Read on to learn more.


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Do you have these issues?

Is your database moving slow?  This is very common.  Sometimes it’s your hardware.  Most times it’s internal to your database.  Whether it’s hardware or software related, we can help.  Let’s talk.

There are many factors to slowness, but here are the top 4:

  1. Database Size.   How much milk can you pour in gallon jug?  If you put more than a gallon, it overflows and makes a mess.  QuickBooks is the same.  There’s an upper limit to capacity. Is your database overflowing with transactions?  Call us for a Free Evaluation of your database size.
  2. Hardware.  Are your computers up to date?  Operating systems?  We have a simple test to answer this question.  It’s Free!  If your hardware is good, then it usually means there is something in your database.
  3. Data corruption.  Computers and corruption are about as common as automobiles and flat tires.  Data corruption is very common, but there are methods to repair it.  Negative Inventory – Did you know Negative Inventory is just another form of corruption in QuickBooks?  Once this is repaired, you can easily avoid this in the future!
  4. Database Server Manager.  In a local area network, this is a critical component.  Which one do you have installed?

Did you attempt to run the “Rebuild” or “Verify Data” in QuickBooks?  Do errors remain after running a Rebuild or Verify Data?  This is a classic sign of data corruption.

While running “Verify Data”, did the process freeze, or still show errors?  This is known to happen, but usually we can save your data.  Sometimes a repair is as simple as deleting the bad transactions and replacing them.  Other times database maintenance procedures repair the database.  At any rate, that’s where we come in.  We can identify needs unique to your business and database, then offer solution(s).  Let’s talk.

Is your database too large?  Try running Condense Data menu?  If your database is larger than 1 gigabyte in Enterprise or 500 megabytes in Pro/Premier, talk to us.  We have several solutions. 

Intuit will try to sell you other software to solve the problem.  This is one-size fits all approach is a bad way to address the question.  

Condense Data – A common solution to a large database is “Condense Data”.  While running “Condense Data”, did the process stop or freeze?  This can happen for a multitude of reasons.  It’s most common with Inventory items.  After QuickBooks encounters the first Inventory transaction with an error, the process stops.  That’s where we come in.  We have different techniques available to help with these issues.

This is one of the most common forms of corruption in QuickBooks.  You should not sell inventory before you acquire it.  Any transaction that causes your on-hand balance to go negative will create problems.

Are you getting error messages on a regular basis?  While this might be an indication of a larger problem, it might be only one issue.  We’ll diagnose for file before we begin any repair.  We almost forgot, but here’s another infamous error: “Balance Sheet Out of Balance” – how did this happen?

Corruption in a QuickBooks database is common; however, it shows it in different ways.  The repair depends on the cause of your corruption.

Need to clean your database?  The need to purge data from a QuickBooks database is important.  Lists have maximum limits and there is no sense in keeping older records if it’s exceeding the capacity of QuickBooks.  Maybe you don’t want to prevent users from using certain records, so their removal is important.

With today’s systems, we expect to share data.  As an example, some governments require you to keypunch your data in their systems.  However, this becomes a labor-intensive project if you have a lot of data.  We’d be happy to learn more about your requirements.

You could describe this as changing an ‘item type’.  In this example, Inventory Items is a huge undertaking in QuickBooks.  Therefore, to simplify, some businesses would prefer to deactivate Inventory features.  However, to avoid keypunching new Items, we can use  your existing data from Inventory items to create new items that use the “non-inventory” type.

Don’t see your issue?  Just ask.  We have not listed all items.  We offer many related services.

Our Data Services

This is the most common reason to create a new database in QuickBooks.  If you started running your business earlier and have data saved elsewhere, maybe we can import if for you.  Just ask!

Merging a business?  Maybe it’s a new business, but you want to combine data from 2 or more QuickBooks databases.  We can help!

Has Enterprise become overkill or too costly?  While there is no automated solution from Intuit, we can move your data from Enterprise to Pro/Premier. 

Are you using a different software solution?  If so, we can move your historical data into QuickBooks

Are you changing your business processes, or integrating with new software?  Is your old database non-compliant with the new system?  If so, we can create a new database using data from your old system. 

A QuickBooks database has a ‘shelf-life’ and upper capacity limits.  If you use QuickBooks long enough, a new database becomes inevitable.  You might be tempted to get a larger system.  However, it might be just as cost-effective to create a new one with minimal history to run your business.  

If you need to export some data from QuickBooks, we can help.  You might need to save some data from QuickBooks and upload it to another system.  Whatever the reason, you don’t have to lose your data just because you’re not using your database.

There are many tools to help move these data automatically.  Sometimes they don’t work or it’s just too complicated.  Either way, we can help.  

We have identified some ‘repair’ issues on the column to the left.  Sometimes a new database is required as a solution because it’s the most cost-effective way to repair.  It’s akin to buying a new car instead of attempting to repair a severely damaged one.  

If you’re not ready for the cloud, we can get more miles out of database.  Use it on your premise until you’re ready.  

We cannot list all the reasons for a new database.  Hopefully, this gives you a sense of our services.