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$15 Rebate



Terms and Conditions *

1. Your application is subject to Intuit approval. Your rebate is contingent on this approval.
2. You will be rebated $15.00 upon approval of a new Intuit QuickBooks Payments Account. Under no circumstances will your rebate exceed your payment to us.
3. Please hurry! You must get approved within 30-days of purchase.
4. Your QuickBooks Online Account must be ordered via our company.
5. You must get approved for a new Intuit QuickBooks Payments Account through our company for use with QuickBooks Online account.
6. Rebates are payable after 60-days you begin a paid subscription with Intuit.
7. We reserve right to cancel rebates for cancelled subscriptions.
8. Limit of one rebate per Online subscription.
9. Your rebate will be mailed to the contact information associated with your account.
10. Intuit Payments will contact you based on the information supplied on this form.

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