Defragment QuickBooks Data


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Defragment QuickBooks Data

Defragment Why? Removing data fragments, makes your QuickBooks database perform faster and smoother.  The concept is similar to the data on your harddrive except this is an individual QuickBooks database.  If your harddrive gets fragmented, so does QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Windows/PC 2016 and Newer.

  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier

Your QuickBooks “qbw” database MUST be maintained to maximize speed and efficiency.  

QuickBooks will serve you longer and perform better if you take care of it. As you enter more and more transactions, your QuickBooks database will get data fragments.  It’s inherent in the design of the system. Ignoring the problem does not help.  If you don’t defragment, you increase your chances for corruption and unhappy software users.

We schedule and process your file with you to avoid downtime.  This will keep your database running faster and smoother and it’s one more thing we offer you that Intuit does not.

Terms of service:

  • Subject to scheduling.  We will work with you to develop the best schedule.  Advanced notice is required.
  • Work is completed remotely.  You can send your data file to us via our secure file transfer service.
  • If we cannot complete the work, your order will be refunded.  Sometimes issues with your data prevent the process from completing.
  • Service must be prepaid.
  • This service does not include record keeping, accounting, or tax planning services.  In addition, this service does not include the audit, review, or compilation of your company’s financial statements.  Our service is not designed or intended to detect errors, fraud, or illegal acts.
  • After we return your file, customer is responsible for verifying data prior to beginning work again.
  • Our goal is to “reduce” QuickBooks fragments as much as possible.  We cannot eliminate them; nor can we prevent them from recurring in the future.
  • QuickBooks Windows/PC 2016 and Newer.



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