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Our price is 15% Less than Intuit’s.

Our Price Intuit Monthly Our Price Intuit Monthly
1-Year 1-Yr 1-Mth 1-Year 1-Yr 1-Mth
1-User $880 $1,037 $86 6-User $2,728 $3,226 $269
2-User $1,408 $1,661 $138 7-User $2,992 $3,533 $294
3-User $1,760 $2,083 $174 8-User $3,256 $3,850 $321
4-User $2,112 $2,496 $208 9-User $3,520 $4,157 $346
5-User $2,464 $2,908 $242 10-User $3,784 $4,473 $373
**Silver Subscription Save!!!! Save 20%!!!!!! Prepay!!! Prepay/Save Save!!!!

Your Choice:

4-Payments or 1

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Starting at: $1,099.99 Starting at: $880.00


Payment Schedule *

Your choice: A) Pay once or B) 4 equal installments. (15% less than Intuit’s monthly rate).

Subscription Upgrades *

ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS INCLUDE: QuickBooks Enterprise Software & Advanced Reporting. Also, A) Intuit Phone Support, B) Intuit Online Backup, C) Software Upgrades, and D) Training Tools.

Free with you purchase!

Choose One: To be used within 1-year of purchase. Limited to consultant availability.

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Product Description

Lock your price! Prepay 12-months.  QuickBooks Enterprise

Long Term Discount –  Save 20% Now and Each Year for the life of your subscription (1-10 users). Learn more

Need more than 10-users? Click here >>

Each Subscription gets Core Features for 1-year – QuickBooks Enterprise:

Core Features –

  • QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 Software
  • Advanced Reporting (Design Custom Reports)
  • Intuit Phone Support (USA Based!)
  • Intuit Online Data Backup
  • Software Upgrades (2020 Year upgrade (**)
  • Training Tools ($399 value)!
  • Intuit Assisted Conversion……and much more!

Silver Subscription – Core Features above

Gold Subscription – Core Features & Enhanced Payroll

Platinum Subscription – Core Features & A) Enhanced Payroll, B) Advanced Inventory and C) Advanced Pricing


** Version Protection – Upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 from Intuit if released within 1-year of purchase (Usually in Fall).
* 20% discount applies to the 1st Year and future renewals for the life of the subscription.

disk + download….your choice of installation.

Our Best Deal – QuickBooks Enterprise – Save 20% Now and Each Year for the life of your subscription (1-10 users). Save 20% each year with our long-term discount.

Guaranteed or your money back! You can return your software within 60-days for a full refund of your purchase price.

Setup questions. Is this is your first QuickBooks purchase? QuickBooks makes it very easy to start a new database. If you have existing data, you have multiple methods to import your data into your new database.  If you have additional setup needs, please ask us.

Why us? Database Optimization. QuickBooks Enterprise uses the Sybase database engine.  As with most databases, your tables need some TLC.  With your purchase from us, we will optimize your tables for at no additional cost (within your 1st year of purchase).

Need more than 10-users? Click here >>

For 15-straight years, we’ve helped our customers acquire, install, and, customize QuickBooks Software.

What our customers are saying:

“We just wanted to say thank you so very much for your support. Your service and support was outstanding. We will most certainly recommend your company and service to others.” Cindy Angel (Enterprise Customer)

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