QuickBooks Pro Plus


$100 Value – Free Credit Card Reader+

Price: $349.99

Intuit support and backup included!

+With New Intuit Merchant Account

Starting at: $349.99


One-year subscription *

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+Free Credit Card Reader *

+Free Credit Card Reader with purchase of QuickBooks Pro/Premier and activation of Intuit Merchant Service

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Product Description

QuickBooks Pro Plus (Windows Edition)

Includes Intuit data backup and support!

QuickBooks Pro is the most widely used software for new businesses installing on the desktop.  If your business grows, you can expand to QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise.  If you later decide to switch to QuickBooks Online, convenient conversion tools help to move your history to this platform.

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It is fully featured and includes an easy-step interview to help you get setup as soon as possible.

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User Limits:

  • 3-User Order Maximum on QuickBooks Pro Plus.
  • Do you need 4 or 5-users?  We can expand your system to 4 or 5-users by adding “Premier” users.  This is a very common solution to avoid the 3-user Pro limit.  This is a hybrid solution and widely used method to expand your QuickBooks Pro system from 3 to 5 users.  Therefore, your installation would include 3-users of Pro and 2-users of Premier.  The software and database is exactly the same; however, additional features are activated when installing the QuickBooks Premier.

If you need more than 5-users, you can upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise.  QuickBooks Enterprise has a maximum of 30-users.

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Popular features – QuickBooks Pro:

  • Job Costing
  • Inventory tracking
  • Job budgets (Budget vs. Actual)
  • Payroll (Additional fee)
  • Attach documents to your transactions
  • Budgeting – Compare you Actual Performance to your plan!
  • Accept credit/debit cards right in your software or email a payment button with an invoice!
  • QuickBooks Software for Laptop’s, Desktop’s, and Servers.

In the beginning, QuickBooks Pro was Intuit’s flagship product for many years.  It’s easy to use interface captured the small business market in the United States.  It grew to over 1 million users very rapidly.  Only recently did Premier and Enterprise begin to expand the reach of Pro.

If your business is small and just starting out, you can trust Pro to get you off to a great start.  If you later outgrow it, you can migrate very easily to Premier and Enterprise using the same familiar screens you learned in Pro.


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