QuickBooks Enterprise Electronic Picking Video

Say goodbye to printing paper pick lists.  With QuickBooks Enterprise, you can now use a Zebra MC40 mobile device for picking inventory and updating QuickBooks.

Introduction Video - Picking Inventory with Zebra MC40 (By Intuit Inc.)

This is a short introduction to Picking Inventory in QuickBooks with Zebra MC40 (or Android Device).

Summary Process:

  • Create Sales Order.
  • Assign a site location and a Picker’s name.
  • Warehouse staff updates Zebra MC40 (or Android Device) for picked inventory.
  • MC40 Updates QuickBooks Order Worksheet and Sales Order.
  • Pack and ship order.
  • Create invoice in QuickBooks based on picked quantity from Sales Order.

This requires the Platinum Edition of QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 and Zebra MC40 Mobile device (sold separately).

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Video prepared by Intuit Inc.

Video - 1 minute quick Introduction. Mobile Picking in QuickBooks 2018. New! (By Intuit Inc).

Try it for Free! Android Compatible.

Do you have an Android device?  If yes, just go to the Google Play Store.  Install the App: “QUICKBOOKS DESKTOP WAREHOUSE”, and Pair the Device.

  • Requires 4.4 Android OS or higher.
  • Wifi Connection
  • 2018 Enterprise Platinum (Call us if you need a free trial).

Note: Scanning will not work on your Android Smart Phone.  You will need our Zebra MC40 for scanning feature.

Additional Setup Resource: Click Here