QuickBooks 2023 New Features

QuickBooks 2023 New Features

QuickBooks 2023 New Features – The latest edition of 2023 was launched in September, 2022.  Here are the relevant features!

QuickBooks Enterprise 2023 Features

  • Inventory – Expiration Dates on Inventory (Platinum/Diamond)
  • Inventory – Inventory Categories (Platinum/Diamond)
  • Approvals – Bills and PO’s.  (Platinum/Diamond)
  • Intercompany Transactions – (Platinum/Diamond)

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)

  • Payments – QuickBooks Node Reader – Swipe Payments from your Smart Phone and link to QuickBooks.  Also, includes Apple, Google and Samsung Pay.  The hardware only works with an Intuit Payments account and the GoPayment must be installed on your smart phone. *
  • Payment Links – Request an electronic payment without having to create an invoice. *
  • Banking API – Improved integration between QuickBooks and  banking systems.
  • Mileage Tracking – Electronic tracking makes it easier to capture all of your mileage and share with QuickBooks.
  • Cash Flow Hub – Another great chart within QuickBooks to provide more information at a glance.

‘* Requires an Intuit Payment Account