QuickBooks Cloud Access by Qbox

Scale New Hts BahamasI recently attended the Scaling New Heights QuickBooks training conference.  For the first time, it was held off-shore in the Bahamas.  QuickBooks Cloud Access continues to be a leading discussion point.

With the many takeaways, one stands out. A lot of customers are asking about Cloud access for their systems.  Fishbowl Inventory lead the way without breaking the bank.  They developed a ‘Web Client” to access a local Fishbowl database anywhere.  The customer merely uses a standard Web Browser to access their server in the local office.  This is very economical versus traditional Hosting of QuickBooks Desktop software.  While this technology is available for QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop, it’s very far down on Intuit’s development list.

In the meantime, there’s a Hybrid solution for QuickBooks Software users. You can use a solution called Qbox to access your file from remote locations.  It’s not true Multi-user access, but for small firms with a limited budget, this might provide just enough access without committing to cloud hosting such as Right Networks.  This only costs about $100 per year, and can be used for backups too.  If you want to work from home at night or on vacation, this offers a very good alternative for anywhere anytime access.