Lowest price on payroll with QuickBooks

Process payroll for less than one dollar per day!  Included with QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum Plan!  No extra employee fees, and you can process up to 3 companies.

Buy QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum Subscription, and get Enhanced Payroll Included for one year (one low monthly price).  We usually have Lifetime Benefits available, controlling your out of pocket costs on QuickBooks Enterprise into the future.

Pay Employees inside of QuickBooks:  Do it yourself and save!

These features work right inside of QuickBooks Software.  It offers the following:

  • Instant paychecks
  • No additional monthly fee (with QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum Subscription)
  • Process up to 3 EIN’s (with QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum Subscription)
  • Free direct deposit
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Federal and State tax forms printed directly from QuickBooks
  • Click to file and pay taxes
  • Pay employees and contractors in QuickBooks
  • Reminders when taxes and forms are due
  • Free live support from payroll experts
  • Ability to print year-end W-2s, W-3s, and State Docs
  • Use built-in time sheets
  • Full Job Costing Available.

If you use QuickBooks desktop software and pay employees, you should give QuickBooks Enterprise a look.  Typically, customers using Pro or Premier, will pay $500 and more for fees to Intuit for paying employees.  However, with QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum Plans, payroll features are bundled in one low price.

If you need to job-cost labor costs, this solution is included,  When you pay employees, you can choose to allocate their full costs by jobs they are assigned.  This includes company taxes as well as an overhead burden if you choose.  To make this work, be sure to assign the particular customer, job, or project on the employees timesheet.

As always, Intuit reserves right to modify the terms, features, and pricing of its subscriptions.  However, if you need to pay employees, then QuickBooks Enterprise Gold or Platinum plan is a great offer!