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 List Price: $720/Year or $60/Month

QuickBooks Online Plus

Annual Plan: 60% Off
1st Year Total: $200
You prepay $200 for 12-months of service
Payroll not included
Cancel Anytime
Monthly Plan: 54% Off
1st Year Total: $330
Pay $30.00 Monthly (For 12-months)
Payroll not included
Cancel Anytime
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  • Monthly Plan: Enjoy 30-days free! Your card won’t be charged until the 2nd month.  Affordable low-monthly payments.
  • Annual Plan: Best Deal! Prepay your first 12-months and save 60%.
  • Sales Tax:  added where applicable.
  • Payroll: available for an extra monthly fee.

QuickBooks Online is the same as Desktop software, right?  NO! Comparing Desktop to Online software is like comparing a Mac to a PC.  They are different! But Online might serve you better.  We can help…just ask.

Full List of Plus Features

Essentials Plus
12-Months Prepaid (Monthly Available too) $120/Year (3-Users) $200/Year (5-users)
Maximum number of simultaneous users 3 25
Number of company data files per subscription 1 1
Recommended "Combined Total" of "Names": Vendors, Employees, Products & Services12 10,000 10,000
Number of built-in business reports 40+ 65+
Custom Fields (30 Characters Purchases or Sales only) 3 3
Price levels 0 0
Class Tracking
Location Tracking
Unlimited technical support¹⁰ and upgrades
Access your data⁴ from a tablet or smartphone⁶
Invite up to two accountants to access your data⁷
Free 30-day Trial⁹
Accept online and mobile payments. Send invoices with PAY NOW button, and customers pay you online. Accept credit cards in software¹³ Extra Fees Extra Fees
Reporting Tools Essentials Plus
Create Budgets
Track sales and profitability for your "Locations"
Compare your sales and profitability with industry trends
Inventory Management Essentials Plus
Inventory Tracking - Call us for details Limited
Units of Measure None None
Payroll, Employees & Subcontractors Essentials Plus
Prepare and print 1099's
Give employees and subcontractors limited access to enter time worked
Track billable hours by customer
Pay W-2 employees and file payroll taxes Extra Fees Extra Fees
Batch Time Sheets None None
Security & Backup Essentials Plus
Control what your users can access
Automatic Backups Online⁴
Data Encryption: 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-5
Vendors Essentials Plus
Create and send purchase orders
Manage and pay bills from vendors
Enter bills and schedule payments for later
"Products and services" for purchases (similar to items)
Customers Essentials Plus
Set up invoices to automatically bill on a recurring schedule
Send unlimited estimates and invoices
Sales Orders None None
Job Tracking None None
Convert Estimates to Sales Order or Purchase Order None None
Other Features Essentials Plus
Recurring transactions (similar to Memorized)
Track your income and expenses
Print checks and record transactions
Download transactions from your bank and credit card accounts¹
Integrate with other applications⁸
Import data from Excel² or QuickBooks desktop³

QuickBooks Online Benefits – 

Work from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Bring your own device.  Smart Phones, Laptops, Macs, and PC’s give you many options to access your data.

Move to the Cloud…..never install a software update again!  That’s right.  As new features are added to your software, they become automatically available to you the next time you login.  This allows you to focus on your business and gets you out of the IT business.

Also, give your accountant access, and keep your books up to date.  You control access and security rights of your users.

Connect QuickBooks Online Plus to your Bank and Credit Card accounts.  This will speed up your reconciliations and improve the accuracy of your books.

With QuickBooks Online Plus, you have the ability to grow your business to 5-users.