QuickBooks Point of Sale – iPad is slated for a new release.

What’s the best part of this update? You don’t lift a finger!  The end-user doesn’t have to do anything.  When you log-in to your software, the update will automatically be installed.

Times have changed with Cloud Point of Sale.  You don’t have to remove users from the system; your staff keeps working as usual. Imagine no downtime with upgrades.  Don’t worry about crashing your server, or your Firewall compatibility.  Considering installation alone, look how far the iPad Cloud POS has come from a desktop software installed on your Local Area Network.

Planned new features:

Security – Force your staff automatically logout.  Maybe your cashier leaves the station to assist a customer.  The system can force a logout with inactivity.  It prevents others from gaining unauthorized access to the system.  These parameters are totally controlled and set by management.

Force your staff to change passwords after so many days. If someone did acquire a password without permission, at least their use of it will be limited.

Password difficulty – don’t make it easy for someone to hack in. Again, management can control the difficulty of password required.

Failed Login’s – Is someone trying to access your system without permission. Now you can see a report showing failed login attempts.  Take corrective action if necessary.

Deleted Transaction log – Immediately see deleted transaction log reports. For example, an unscrupulous worker might delete a sale and pocket the money.  Now, you can see a full report showing any deleted transaction.

Multi-Location Features –

Assign password setting to all locations – save administrative time.

Prevent one location from viewing customers at other locations. Maybe you don’t want cannibalization within your company.  Force your staff to acquire customers new to your organization.  Also, with a smaller list, your staff will be more efficient focusing on THEIR customers.

Discounting – Assign one customer to more than one discount group.

QuickBooks POS iPad Backup – Let’s say you terminate an unscrupulous employee. You forget to remove their access to the iPad.  The fired employee then deletes the iPad application from the App.  Your store is open for business, but you fear a data loss and interruption.  Solution: any sales transaction that has not been synced with your backend system is stored in iPad cache memory.  Simply reinstall the app and sync with the backend and you pick-up where you left off.

QuickBooks Point of Sale for the iPad continues to deliver leading edge features. There are too many to list here.  However, isn’t it a peace of mind to know that you don’t have to schedule downtime for installation?  If you have not looked at a Cloud Point of Sale powered by Revel, maybe the time is now.