QuickBooks POS Multi-Store V19

QuickBooks Multi-Store Explained

This is traditional software built for the Windows PC.  Pay once and run it.  Integrates with QuickBooks Financial Software for a complete solution.  

Have multiple locations?

Great!  With Point of Sale Multi-Store, your stores can share data with each other.

Point of Sale Multi-Store requirements: you will need one unique license for each physical location.  

Example Configurations (POS Multi-Store Software):

First Example:

  • Location A: 1-User
  • Location B: 1-User
  • Location C: 1-User

This configuration would require 3 unique licenses (one for each location).  In this configuration, only 1-user at each location would be able to open the database at any one time.

Second Example:

  • Location A: 2-User
  • Location B: 3-User

This configuration would require 2 unique licenses (one for each location).  In this configuration, Location A could have 2-users actively using the database while Location B could have 3-users.