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Easy Upgrade Available – Powering QuickBooks POS to the Future

Accept Credit Cards ¦  Financial Exchange  ¦  Multi-Store Included  ¦  Support Plans  ¦  Webstore Integration

Breathe new life into your QuickBooks Point of Sale.  We offer an easy upgrade that will allow you to continue using QuickBooks POS for years to come, including Multi-Store!   Accept credit cards with QuickBooks Point of Sale.  Simple “app” installs in minutes! We support QuickBooks POS (only Intuit doesn’t).  Questions? We can help you!

What happened October 3, 2023  

Beginning, Oct., 2023, Intuit discontinued support of QuickBooks Point of Sale V19.  Good news: the program and database continues to work.  Your software license remains valid and active.  More good news: we can help you!  We continue to support QuickBooks Point of Sale (even if Intuit won’t).

Only certain ‘connected services’ being offered by Intuit are discontinued.   More Good News: you can replace Intuit’s connected services with others! See the “Summary of Changes” below.

Summary of ChangesBefore OctoberAfter October
Accept Credit/Debit Cards√ With New Upgrade
Accept Gift Cards√ With New Upgrade
Financial Exchange (2023 Desktop Software)
Telephone Support - Proadvisor√ (Fees Apply)
Telephone Support - Intuit
Vendor Lookup ServiceKeypunch Fields
Webgility Integration√ (No Discount)
Constant ContactExcel Upload Only
Mobile Sync (Sales on Ipad/Smart Phone)
Buy Additional Users (Expand your license)
Software Enhancements - Intuit
Software Enhancements - 3rd Party
Multi-Store Exchange - Intuit Server
Multi-Store Exchange - Dropbox
Multi-Store Exchange - USB
Multi-Store Exchange - Email
Enabled Features ContinueBefore OctoberAfter October
Ring up Sales Receipts. Scan Barcodes
More than 50 Reports
Track Employee Hours
Print Price Tags
Sales orders, Work Orders, Purchase Orders
Track Inventory
Pictures, Serial Numbers
Customer History
Rewards Program
Security - Control User Access
Payroll-Send Time Cards to QB
Sell on Account (Terms)
End of Day Process
And much, much more

Upgrade App – Starting at $10

Accept Credit Cards (Without Intuit Merchant Service)

Simple Install (Most upgrades in 30-minutes or less)

Inexpensive (Keep QuickBooks POS for as little as $120/year!)

Continue working in QuickBooks POS

Keep 100% of your data history

Familiar Systems (Same computers and hardware)

No Data Migration (Shopify not required)

Upgrade App Pricing – Starting at $10

Accept Credit Cards (Real Time)

You don’t need Intuit Merchant Service to process credit cards in QuickBooks POS.  You just need to replace Intuit’s MID, and we can help.  Your new MID will allow you to continue accepting credit cards like you always have.

In fact, most of our customers are seeing lower fees with the new MID.  PCI compliant too!

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QuickBooks Financial Exchange

If you have QuickBooks 2023, you can connect Point of Sale to it as usual.  The integration will continue to work past October 3, 2023.   Intuit won’t sunset the 2023 software until 2026 if history is any guide.

You also have the option to connect QuickBooks POS to QuickBooks Online.  Therefore, integration with financial software is not a problem either.

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Support Plans


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Multi-Store Compatible

Good news: the Store Exchange process will continue to work after October 3, 2023!

In fact, you don’t need Intuit’s servers to share data with other stores.

Intuit’s servers are a very popular method; however, it’s just one allowed option out of many already built in QuickBooks. 

Therefore, yes  you can share data with other stores.

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Not ready for Shopify?

No problem.  We can help you run QuickBooks Point of Sale for year(s).  We can help you install an easy upgrade to keep using QuickBooks Point of Sale “as-is” longer.

Buy another POS software? 

Unnecessary.  QuickBooks POS is paid for!  Why not use it longer?  Your license allows you to use the software into the future.  With a simple upgrade, you can use QuickBooks like you always have.

Need more users in the future? 

Existing license holders of QuickBooks POS V19 can add users thru October 3.  If you plan to grow in the future, you must purchase before October 3, 2023.  Contact us for the best pricing!

Checklist/Homework –

While the software license is still valid and active, certain Add-ons are being discontinued (Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store).  You need to replace the following add-ons.  Need help? Contact us!

  • 1-Intuit Merchant Service

  • 2-Intuit Store Exchange (Multi-Store Only)

  • 3-Intuit Telephone Support

  • 4-Webgility Discount (Create a new account only)

  • 5-Mobile Sync (Sales on smartphone)

  • 6-Purchase Additional Users for POS (Before October)


Switching POS systems can take a lot of time.  Most people discover problems in the new system ‘after’ it’s installed.  You can delay your QuickBooks POS replacement.  This upgrade allows you to test new systems.

You can use the upgrade while you search for new solutions, or use it as long as you like.  Either way, you’re in control.  Also, if you need a backup to a new system, why not keep QuickBooks as a backup “just in case”.    You paid for QuickBooks, why not use it longer?  

Prepare Today! Order Now: 248-396-6955

Allow 2-Weeks for delivery of your new Pin Pad.

Upgrade App – Starting at $10

Simple Install (Most upgrades in 30-minutes or less)

Inexpensive (Keep QuickBooks POS for as little as $120/year!)

NO Shopify needed (Continue working “as-is”)

Keep 100% of your data history

Familiar Systems (Same computers and hardware)

No Data Migration

Accept Credit Cards (Without Intuit Merchant Service)

Low Rates (PCI Compliant)

Compatible with QuickBooks Financial 2023 (Pro/Premier/Enterprise)

Upgrade Compatible with Basic, Pro, Multi-Store (QuickBooks POS)

Multi-Store Compatible (NO Intuit Server required)

New EMV Pin Pad (Rent or Buy)

Telephone Tech Support (Fee for service)

Connect your Webstore to QuickBooks (Webgility still works)