Why Us?

5 Compelling Reasons

Choose Us Over Buying/Renewing QuickBooks Thru Intuit.

There are five key reasons why choosing www.QSavings.biz is the best choice for purchasing and accessing support for Intuit QuickBooks.

We know how to find the best deals on QuickBooks for purchase or renewal.  We would be out of business if not.  

Cashflow help! We can offer you the ability to make Installment Payments (Intuit does not offer).

As a small business too, we understand that cost is important.  Intuit is a master marketer with multiple promotions all the time.  We do our research and work to make sure you get every promotion to which you are entitled.  Our goal is to keep you as a customer year after year by providing the lowest total cost, and maximize your total benefit.  We also offer installment payments.  Certain companies need terms (but Intuit only takes credit card or automated clearing house –  ACH – payments).  We will work with you to make payment arrangements.

If you have a problem, we serve as your advocate for tough-to-resolve issues that Intuit Customer Support Representatives are not addressing to your satisfaction.

Tier 2 support – we offer Tier-2 support ticketing at Intuit (Free with your purchase from us).

We speak your language….business!  Are you spinning your wheels with Intuit Support?  It’s not often, but it happens.  When it does, we have your back!

Intuit Sales Rep – If you call your Intuit Sales-Rep with an issue, you will get transferred back to the same support line you just called.  Aren’t sales reps rewarded for selling?

Spinning wheels, now what?  Can you ask an Intuit support rep to escalate your case to a Tier-2 rep?  Why not?  Because Tier-1 reps are rewarded based on single-call resolutions and resolved cases.

You will be working with not only a QuickBooks Professional, but a CPA and CMA.

We don’t do taxes, there is no tax season.  Rest assured that your software needs get the attention it deserves.

Now celebrating our 20th year in business!  We earned QuickBooks certification in 1999 and every year since.  We help our clients to maximize their investment and resolve issues with their QuickBooks software.  With a CPA/CMA on staff, we can link your business needs with software.  QuickBooks has been our primary business for over 20 years and have a loyal client base. Whether you are a new user, are upgrading software, or have an issue with QuickBooks that may require a third party custom solution, we can help.

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Not just those affiliated with Intuit!

Got an App for that?  If you have a business need not solved by QuickBooks, unlike Intuit, we are eager to find a 3rd party add-on software application that will resolve your issue.

If QuickBooks does not solve all of your business needs, we can use our vast software knowledge to suggest a 3rd party add-on software application that will solve your needs. We’ve been going to technology conferences for years and are knowledgeable about the vendors and the best applications.

  • If an Intuit rep gets no commission, why would they recommend 3rd party solutions? 
  • As a company, why would Intuit recommend 3rd party solutions if it increases their Risk (without a share of profit)?

Intuit & Risk – Intuit doesn’t want the liability from 3rd party applications.  So, they have a very limited number of 3rd party software solutions to offer.  Also, the reality is that a sales representative does not get a commission on all 3rd part software sales, so they have no incentive to help you.  The application market is huge!  We will take the time to understand your business needs and get you pointed in the right direction and we will support you after your purchase of a 3rd party solution that we recommend.

We work with many apps.  Here are a few examples:

We provide one Free Incident of “QuickBooks Data Defragment Maintenance” within your 1st year of purchase!  That is a $350 value!

Your QuickBooks Enterprise “qbw” database MUST be maintained to maximize speed and efficiency.  We do this for you, and can even show you how….FOR FREE!

QuickBooks will serve you longer and perform better if you take care of it. As you enter more and more transactions your QuickBooks database will get data fragments.  It’s inherent in the design of the system. Ignoring the problem does not help.  If you buy Enterprise from us, we will remove database fragments for you one time during your first year of purchase. That is a $350 value.  We schedule and process your file with you to avoid downtime.  This will keep your database running faster and smoother and it’s one more thing we offer you that Intuit does not.

Examples of Before and After our Maintenance:

(FREE! For our New Enterprise Customers)